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There are a lot of broken people. In the world we live in today, it is unfortunately common to come across people who have been hurt by broken promises, drugs, and even abuse.



Our generation has believed a lie that has left us empty and alone. We have put our trust in temporary things of pleasure, promises of social utopia, and the belief that we can set our destiny. But it only left us more lonely.

God has created you with a divine purpose. Each one of us has the potential to live a completely whole and beautiful life. There is a hunger in all of us to find peace and stability.



The question is, are you content with your life and do you want more? We believe that the best way to true faith is within a community who are dedicated to seeking God through worship and study.

We´re meeting at Ben & Erin´s House

July 7th, 2024

From 7pm

to 9pm

Sam and Ben are speaking! There will be snacks, bonfire, and good discussion.
2919 32nd St Ct, Rock Island, IL 61201

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